Links to things of great interest.

Stone Circle is part of a community.

A community of Men’s groups and organisations that either directly or indirectly do a lot to help men escape from the Modern World and become Better Men.  The links on this page are to a variety of organisations and businesses, some we admire, some we respect, some we support and others who we work with and can vouch for

Equipment and training.

The Bushcraft Show

The Bushcraft Show is the number one destination for anyone who loves being out in the Wild, and where you can find the Stone Circle team every year.  Its a long weekend of everything outdoors: from expert speakers, demonstrations and activities on all manner of bush-related subjects.

Woodland Ways

The best Bushcraft school and shop in the UK.  The training they offer is second to none, and their equipment is stuff they know and rely on.  They are very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful: if you have any Bushcraft needs, drop them a line.

Ray Mears

The veritable patron saint of Bushcraft and a chap who we’re generally in awe of.  He pretty much introduced Bushcraft to the mainstream in the UK over 30-years ago and has been responsible for its resurgence in popularity over years.  Great source of information, courses and high-end equipment.


A brilliant little business that we have worked with over the years, who provide us with equipment for our weekends.  They also provide a lot of our ‘basic list’ equipment for our Intro weekends, so if you’re short of anything for your first weekends, get in touch with Keith and he’ll sort you out with good quality, basic kit at a good price. 

Men’s charities.

The Samaritans

We cannot praise the incredible people at the Samaritans enough for the work they do.  They literally save Men’s lives each day of the year.  As they put it: “Talk to us any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal”.  If the world is getting too much for you, then they should be your first call.

Campaign Against Living Miserably

This charity exists to raise awareness and change attitudes towards suicides in Men.  They are really changing the story on suicide being such a taboo in British Culture.  They – like the Samaritans – also offer helplines and advice, but also provide a wide range of information, insight and a brilliant magazine called ‘calmzine’.

Thet offer support to men in the UK, of any age, who are down or in crisis via our helpline, ‘web-chat’ and website.  They aim to change the culture that prevents men seeking help when they need it, and are pushing for changes in policy and practice so that suicide is better prevented.  they also provide support to those bereaved by suicide, through the Suicide After Support Partnership.

Men Understanding Treating and Experiencing Depression

Another excellent charity that helps Men with depression, and also the people around that Man.  Their mission is “to reduce the stigma and reluctance of recognition of Depression suffered by Men. We hope to reach out to the Men to help them recognise the symptoms, accept available treatments and above all, reinforce the fact that there is a positive path ahead.”

The Mankind Initiative

This charity provides support and advice for Men who suffer domestic abuse and domestic violence.  A far bigger problem in the UK than you would imagine: in 33% of domestic abuse cases, the victim is a Man.  14% of men admit to having been victims of domestic abuse.

UK Men’s Sheds Association

This is a brilliant charity that aims to bring men together in communities to work in the ‘sheds’on projects and help alleviate loneliness and depression in Men. The idea came from Australia, where it was realised that there was a real value in Men coming together around practical tasks on a regular basis, particularly if they had a designated place or workshop where tools and work in progress could be stored. This appeals to men both living alone or with partners and at all ages although the vast majority of ‘shedders’ are at or beyond retirement date. This transitional period not only brings a loss of a work role but also of identity, status, workmates, income and even a sense of purpose. Men can find themselves disengaged from their community if the pub or sports is not their thing. The generality of community activities on offer do not appeal to men and as they expect to meet their own needs then some level of social isolation can also occur.