Exactly who do we think we are?

We started Stone Circle from the realisation that there simply aren’t enough genuinely masculine places where the average man can express what’s going on for them.

It dawned on us that this lack of an outlet was leading to many of the social problems that trouble modern society. We’ve been here ourselves. We have known men who have gotten into despair, into depression and some who have taken their life.

So we started with the simple objective of organising weekends where groups of men could go and ‘be in the Wild’, talk about the challenges they face in their every-day lives, and what it’s like to be a man in the Modern World.  We hope that we will continue to be positive, constructive and happy Men, who can help other Men to escape from the Modern World, recharge themselves and face their challenges.

About Stone Circle

Our Purpose

We believe that we can help men to overcome the pressures of modern life, find their healthy masculinity and turn away from despair by simply being with other men, in nature, in a way that encourages simple and honest communication.

Our Vision

We will be the first place that men turn to when the modern world becomes too much, and the first suggestion that his friends and family make when they see that he has had enough.

Our Mission

To give men back the ancient tools, experience and courage that they need to help them escape into the wild when the modern world overwhelms them, giving them quiet space to reflect on what troubles them and to return to modern life, refreshed, recharged and able to confront their challenges, knowing that they are not alone.

Our Values

Respect for the Environment: We are conscious of our impact on the environment through our weekends.  We Leave no Trace; source our food from ethical sources and suppliers with ethical principles; Reduce, reuse and recycle; buy quality tools with long lifespans and lifetime guarantees.

Respect for each other:  We listen to each Man when he is ready to talk, without pressure, judgment or advice; whatever any Man says stays within the circle; we treat every man as an equal regardless of any differences.

Respect for ourselves: Every day we try to be a little better than we were yesterday; Our mental and physical health are the core of what we do because without either we are nothing; We ask nothing of other Men that we would not ask of ourselves, and ask nothing of ourselves that we would not ask of other Men.

Our measures

Every year we will help another hundred Men to escape into the wild. we will do this by holding at least ten Introduction Weekends a year, and hosting at least ten men on each camp.

We will build a community of men, adding a hundred new men each year, and maintaining an active membership of 80% year-on-year.

We will build strong relationships with Men’s welfare charities such as CALM and Muted, where we can help to carry their message forward and introduce men to their cause.

We will gain recognition, guidance and support from healthcare professionals and organisations that deal with Men’s mental health.

We will  be a cash-positive organisation from year one, with all our profit being donated to Men’s charities such as CALM at the end of each year.

About Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Terry Davis

Head of Operations

My place in the world:  I am father to five amazing children and husband to a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman. As far as I know I am healthy and I’m fit enough to enjoy my favourite pastime; cycling. I am an atheist and believe that the short time that we have on the planet is all we have and so we’d better make it count.

I have reached a time in my life where I feel I want to make a difference, to do something that will last beyond my years. I hope that Stone Circle will be the legacy I leave for others.

My passions: I hate the gym! I’ve tried going, I really have but I can’t get away from the fact that to me, exercising indoors is just unnatural. I love nothing better than being out on my bike, feeling the wind in my face and experiencing the world go by.

Recently I had the chance to go snorkelling and it was the most liberating thing I have done in a long time. I want more of that. I want to kayak, surf, swim, run, climb, cycle and just be outdoors, being healthy and fit. Stone Circle is going to give me that in the biggest gym there is.

My hopes for the future: I hope for Star Trek. I don’t mean the next movie, I mean I hope that one day the whole human race will wake up and realise just how much it can achieve if it sets aside all of the pseudo-science, wars, greed, hatred and all of the petty wastes of time and resources.

I hope that one day we realise how dumb we are fighting over little pieces of the planet. I hope that one day we stop being obsessed with money, whilst others starve. I hope that we see this planet as it is; our beautiful home. I hope that one day we turn our eyes and minds to the stars.

My Philosophies: If we are to survive as a species, to maintain our foothold on this planet and in the future colonise others, then it is our ability to think that will do this, not our ability to believe without evidence. I encourage my children to be critical thinkers and question everything, because only by questioning can we ever find the truth.

My Stone Circle:  Stone Circle for me is freedom. The freedom to be the best man that I can with the support and friendship of other, like-minded men. It is the freedom to discover truths about myself, about my abilities and limits and the freedom to push myself to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

It is the freedom to speak my truth, to love with my whole self and to accept love where I find it. It is the freedom to be a the man I am and push him to be a better man by the end of each day.

About Adrian Hardy

Adrian Hardy

Adrian Hardy

Head of Marketing

My place in the world:  I am a happy, healthy man in his mid-forties, living in the tree-filled city of Sheffield, with my beautiful Girlfriend, Sophie. It is important to me to have open-space and a view of the world, chaos within reach and tranquillity when I need.

I studied Computer Science at the University of Hertford, but through some strange quirk of fate ended up in the profession of Marketing.

I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to ‘put something back’, and in order to do so, I want to develop myself and my abilities to the point where I can make a positive difference to men’s lives and leave something of a legacy for the next generation to develop and improve upon.

My passions:  I love to be outdoors, pitting my skills against nature, getting good exercise in ‘nature’s gym’, getting lost – both physically and metaphorically – and then finding myself again.  Stone Circle is a fabulous channel for me to do this: the adventures we go on allow me to bring all my skills to the mix, to challenge myself both physically and mentally.

I have a passion for ‘proper’ DIY, rebuilding and refurbishing houses.  This satisfies some deep need in me to provide shelter, security and safety for others.  I love nothing more than pulling an old house to pieces, and building it back up to something clean, simple and efficient.

My hopes for the future:  Like Terry, I too wish for a Star Trek inspired future, where war, poverty and the evils of greed and consumption are put aside for the much more positive pursuit of exploration and understanding our universe.

I firmly believe that if I want such a future, I need to play my part in developing myself to be the better man, to live the values myself, that I feel will benefit the world. Only then can I hope to help other men to achieve their potential.

My Philosophies:  Nothing in life is free, and nothing of any value is easily attained or acquired. Too many people have too much ‘stuff’ and too many people have nothing. If we could spend less time worrying about what we have, and more time worrying about what we know, the world would be a better place.

Whether you are environmentalist, activist or scientist, the overwhelming evidence is that we cannot continue to consume so irresponsibly, and expect to continue with life as we know it. It should be the mantra of every man in every situation to consider the environmental impact of his actions, not in return for recognition or reward. To do anything else is the height of disrespect for your fellow man.

My Stone Circle:  My Stone Circle is a place where I can work with other Men to overcome challenges, be they real-world or just-for-the-hell-of-it, to make myself a Better Man, and help the other Men of Stone Circle to achieve their ambitions.  Stone Circle is the one-chance I have to become the best I can, and – leading by example – to create an environment where we men can come together to learn to truly be ourselves, love ourselves, challenge our failings and build on our strengths.

About Two Men in the Wild

Two Men in the Wild is the alter-ego of Terry and Adrian.  It is us ‘walking the walk’ of Stone Circle, and spending time away from the world doing creative and inventive stuff with ‘Para-cord’ and gumption.

A lot of what you will find us doing at the weekends experimenting with better and more ‘efficient’ ways of camping: the ‘optimum load’ is an obsession with us, as we’re both prone to taking too much stuff ‘just in case’.  

We also love our ‘home from home’ comforts, but insist on making what we need from what’s availbale.  Be it storage units or camp furniture (even a camp shower), we love letting our ingenuity and creativeness run riot.  Sometimes the results are even usable.

Have a look at our site to see what we get up to when we’re not taking Men out into the Wild.