One minute the world was in front of you, filled with limitless possibilities, adventures and opportunities.

You aspired to be more and do more.

You you could become whatever you wanted.

You were inspired by things you read and watched, the conversations you had, the places you went. You tried new things and shared your experiences, got into trouble, got into difficulties, and worked stuff out. It was fun, sometimes scary, but always rewarding.

Then you started to compete more with your peers and friends.

Maybe you were always that competitive, but at some point it stopped being a game and a challenge of your own abilities, and became a challenge simply to keep up.

You started to do things because they were expected of you, rather than because they defined who you were.

Your commitments became responsibilities, and your responsibilities became burdens. And then people without your best interests at heart started telling you how you need to be.

Be happy, successful, fulfilled, popular, attractive.  Get a better job, better sex, a better partner, house and car. And out of a growing sense of desperation, a need to conform and comply, you followed that advice. You ended up with more stuff, more baggage and less self worth.

And whatever advice you took, however much time and money you spent, the nagging sense of self-doubt refused to go away. And now, here you are.


And the men around you, who are closest to you don’t understand how you feel.

Except that they do.

You can’t talk to them about how deeply empty this modern life is, because to admit that it all feels wrong is to admit that you’re a failure. That you didn’t ‘get it’ somehow. That you’ve dropped out, gone native, given up.

Men would talk about you behind your back and say ‘He seemed like a good bloke but then…’

So, should you cling on to the lie of modern life? As a modern man in a modern world? An alien in a strange land, an imposter who doesn’t understand? Trying to live an impossible ideal that serves no-one, except those that want to profit from your misery?

Or do you do something to change your perspective?

How would it be, to escape from the modern world, just for a short while?

To get away from modern technology, modern demands, modern problems and modern life. To practice a handful of the ancient skills that give the deep satisfaction of providing your own warmth, shelter and sustenance.

To share this experience with other men who face their own day-to-day struggles. To take time to get perspective on who you are, and who you might want to be again.

To to return to the modern world, recharged, refocused and more able to find yourself amongst the noise.

More you in yourself, more sure in your decisions and more content with who you are.

Confident to return to the wild whenever the modern world threatens to overwhelm you, equipped with the skills you need to be comfortable, to find yourself again, get your feet underneath you and get a perspective on your problems.

That’s what we want to show you.



…how to escape from the Wilderness, into the Wild…