Personal hygiene products

Most people can happily go for a weekend without a shower, but some form of basic cleaning is often appreciated.  Certainly, cleaning hands should be undertaken whenever preparing food, and teeth at least daily.  Some form of deodorant is usually appreciated, especially if physical work is undertaken or the weather is particularly hot.

It is important – when using hygiene products in the wild to use products with low – or preferably no – chemicals.  The waste from washing and cleaning will go into soakaways and into the water-table where it can have a negative impact on the wildlife.  Any concentration of cleaning chemicals – even if they are themselves plant-based – is not natural or good for the forest, but by removing man-made chemicals from the waste we hole the damage will be minimal and quickly recovered from.


Features to look for:

  • Biodegradable products
  • Not tested on animals
  • Compact and light

Features to avoid:

  • Anything with ‘microbeads’
  • Anything aerosol based

Biodegradable soap

  • Works just as well as household brand products
  • Less aggressive chemicals which is good for nature and your skin
  • About 20% more expensive than high street brands
  • Doesn’t like being left to stand in water, needs to be kept dry when not in use
Stockists and Price

Health-food shops and online from Amazon. Typically under £4 for 50g

Low-chemical deodorant

  • No Aluminium
  • Other ingredients are biodegradable and have low environmental impact compared to high street brands
  • No aerosol – less waste
  • Twice as expensive as equivalent high street brands
  • Plastic container
Stockists and Price
Health-food shops and online via Amazon for under £8.


  • Free from Fluoride, SLS, Triclosan, Sorbitol, Parabens, phthalates, artificial sweeteners, and petrochemicals
  • Just as effective as high street brands
  • About 50% more expensive than equivalent high street brands
Stockists and Price
Can be bought from health food shops and online via Amazon for under £5 fro 50ml.

Terry’s favourite

“I’m conscious of how a lot of the high street brands cause a lot of pollution in their manufacture as well as in their use, and the alternatives seem to work just as well. “

Adrian’s favourite

“I’ve been using these products at home for several years now and not noticed any differenc in hwo well they work.  I can’t say I feel better as a result of using them, but I’m fairly sure that the less man-made chemicals I put into my body,the healthier I will be… the same goes for the forest we camp in.”