One man’s ‘better’ is invariably another man’s worse.  People telling you what better looks like is the reason that you are here, and the reason that we created stone circle.

So, what do we mean by ‘better’?

If you feel overwhelmed by Modern Life, and feel the need to escape it, then we believe the only way to do this is by being better than you currently are.

What you define as better could be completely different to the next Man, ultimately its what makes you feel better than you do today about being a Man.

Better is not easily measurable and cannot be compared with another Man’s better.  Only you know what better is, only you know if doing something makes you feel like a Better Man.

A key thing to think about is this:

Trying to change the people around us will not make our lives better, it is making changes in our own life and behaviour that is the key to being a Better Man.  By doing so, we may find that others develop their own behaviours in response to ours.

A great example of this was told to us around a campfire one night by a good friend:

“I took the boys camping a few months back, they spent the entire weekend with their smartphones texting their friends and complaining about the lack of 4G.  So I went on my own, left the kids with their aunt and had an adventure, took a handful of pictures of the camp, the fire I slept by the things I saw.  Just because I was proud of what i did,a nd showed them to the kids when I got back.  Next time I said that I was going and the kids would be off to their Aunts, the kids asked to come.  So I said they could, but nothing with batteries except a torch and the family camera.  They moaned, I stuck to my guns and so we all went off to the Forest of Dean, and had the best weekend together I can remember…”

When you follow your own path to becoming a better man, you will be much more tolerant of and able to deal with other people’s ‘stuff’, and you will be a much more inspiring Man, who other people are much more likely to emulate.

It is easy for Men to fall into the trap of doing such things with the sole intent of trying to impress others, they usually find that this path leads to disappointment.  Try to do it for yourself and you alone. Impress yourself with your courage and your achievements, that is enough.

Many men say that they don’t have the time, that they have too many pressures and commitments, and that is a fact of Modern Life. But consider what might happen when these commitments become such a burden that the Modern Man crumbles under them, turning to addiction, abuse or self harm.

All those commitments will find others to lean on through necessity, and the Man will be left broken and alone.

Far better to bring some space into your hectic life now, with the objective of coming back refreshed and recharged, than keeping on doing the same thing week after week and just hoping things will get better.



Adrian Hardy

Stone Circle

Terry Davis

Stone Circle