Come on an adventure with us, where we set out to explore strange new worlds…

Well, specifically odd looking parts of the British isles that are new to us.  

Join us as we literally stick a pin in the wildest looking bits on a map of the UK, and set off to find out what it has to offer us.  Wild expanses of forest, wide swathes of moorland, hills and valleys.  

To practice our navigation and our Bushcraft skills in places that are completely alien to us all.

The full weekend is only £195.

This includes everything you need that is not on the ‘what to bring’ tab.

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Other dates may be available, look at the ‘Come with Us‘ page to see the extended list of course dates over the next 24 months.

This weekend is all about exploration.

On these weekends we will have the chance to explore an area of the United Kingdom that is completely unknown to us.  We will select the location by looking at a map of the British Isles and choosing places with interesting topography, which is close to a wild campsite that we can use.

The purpose of the weekend is to simply explore our destination, build a map of useful information (such as resources, terrain etc) and practice our Bushcraft skills in places which have new challenges and environmental facors.  In some cases we will be hosted by the land-owner who will show us specific aspects of the land and share their knowledge of it’s features.

The nature of these Adventure weekends is such that all men are expected to arrive at the target campsite on a Friday afternoon with everything they need (apart from food) as a fully independent Man, able to set up his own shelter in our communal camp, and responsible for his own needs during the weekend.

What we cover on the weekend will depend entirely on the location, but will typically follow the format below:


We meet at the campsite, in the afternoon, do some introductions and set up your personal shelter.  We will then gather and run through the full details of the weekend, including any information that any of the Men have been able to gather prior to the weekend.

We will then cook and share our evening meal (all food is provided as part of the weekend), and have a presentation from the land owner.


We will start the day with a good breakfast and a discussion on the planned exploration.  In the morning we will set off in small groups or individuals to explore and document / map an area or find places of interest.

Over lunch we will share what we have learned and add these locations and descriptions to our map of the area, and agree where to explore next.  The rest of the day will be spent exploring and mapping and sharing what we have found.  We will typically finish at last-light and return to our camp.

We will then prepare and cook our evening meal as a group of men, and enjoy it around our camp-fire. Then, as happens on every Stone Circle weekend, we will have the opportunity to share what’s going on for us as men.  As usual, no man will be forced to talk, but every man will be asked to listen.


On Sunday we will again start the day with a fine breakfast, and then spend the time until lunch time finishing off our map, and taking the opportunity to explore the areas identified as interesting by other Men.  We will then return to camp, prepare lunch and then turn our attention to leaving no trace of our passing.  

The map will be taken back and properly copied so that every man has a paper version of the map for his future reference, should he ever wish to return there.

We believe that the best way to combat the pressures of Modern Life is by getting time away, for a short while, to recharge and get back to who we are.

Now that we are skilled and equipped Stone Circle Men, we can venture out into the wild as individuals, brought together by a collective need or wish to do a body of work, explore something new, learn a skill or take time to practice our Bushcraft.

This weekend course will allow you to practice many of the attributes which we believe makes us Better Men, by getting away from the Modern World and using more traditional tools like Compass and pen, to document what we find.  

We will return to our Modern Lives, recharged and rested, having spent time learning a new skill, working as a group, talking as men, and rewarded by having a unique map to remember our adventure by.

This weekend is for Men over 25 who feel the need to ‘put something back’ for a weekend and do a self-less act in support of an environmental project in the UK.

This weekend is specifically for Stone Circle Men, who have completed both ‘Intro’ weekends (Escape and Explore) and have completed the relevant ‘Seasons’ weekend (or are proficient and prepared) relevant to the season in which this adventure weekend is taking place.

The specific location of an event will depend entirely on what looks interesting to us on the map.  Each Explore weekend will be in a new location, so check the event booking to see exactly where the location will be for any given weekend.

The ‘Adventure’ weekends are all regarded as being ‘self-sufficient’ weekends, with the exception of food and water.

Every Man is expected to turn up at the site with everything they need to be comfortable and an effective working member of the team, for the duration of the weekend.  this includes all clothing and kit suitable for the location and expected weather conditions.

Stone Circle will provide all the food and sustenance needed for the weekend, and all the equipment we will need to thoroughly explore and document our location.