Come with us on this weekend and learn a completely new skill.

This weekend is a great way to learn an ancient or rare skill that is not associated with Modern Life.  

Skills include subjects such as knapping flint, making a boat, first aid and tracking game.  The whole weekend is spent learning this skill, and – on being found proficient in that skill – receiving an appropriate award or certificate.

The full weekend is only £195.

This includes everything you need that is not on the ‘what to bring’ tab.

To book onto this weekend:

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Other dates may be available, look at the ‘Come with Us‘ page to see the extended list of course dates over the next 24 months.

This weekend is all about learning a new skill.

The focus of these weekends is about learning and becoming proficient in a new skill, so that you can integrate it into your future adventures, or begin a whole new hobby or practice.  An example of such a skill is basic knife-making where we would learn how to cut and shape a steel blank, edge it and form a handle and then finish it.  Such a skill could easily develop into expertise in different types of steel, materials and forms of handle, and so-forth, and a veritable cottage industry of production and sale at future Bushcraft shows.  Or it could be simply enough to learn the basics and be content.

The nature of these Adventure weekends is such that all men are expected to arrive at our campsite on a Friday afternoon with everything they need (apart from food) as a fully independent Man, able to set up his own shelter in our communal camp, and responsible for his own needs during the weekend.

What we cover on the weekend will depend entirely on the education subject, but will typically follow the format below:


We meet at the campsite, in the afternoon, do some introductions and set up your personal shelter.  We will then gather and run through the full details of the weekend, including an outline of the subject, covering such things as tools we will be using, and their safe use.

We will then cook and share our evening meal (all food is provided as part of the weekend), and have a presentation from our expert on the history and development of the skill, showing some examples and giving us something to sleep on before we get hands-on the next day.


We will start the day with a good breakfast and an outline of the modules of the course.  The morning will then be handed over to the expert who will guide us through the initial practical stages of the skill.  We will break for lunch at a suitable point and review what we have learned so-far.

After Lunch we will continue our training as directed by our expert.  We will typically finish at last-light, clear down as necessary and return to our camp.

We will then prepare and cook our evening meal as a group of men, and enjoy it around our camp-fire. Then, as happens on every Stone Circle weekend, we will have the opportunity to share what’s going on for us as men.  As usual, no man will be forced to talk, but every man will be asked to listen.


On Sunday we will again start the day with a fine breakfast, and then spend the time until lunch time finishing off our training and completing any outstanding work.  We will then return to camp, prepare lunch and then turn our attention to leaving no trace of our passing.  

We will finally have chance to talk over what we have learned and share any insights as well as showing off what we have produced.  Finally, our expert tutor – assuming we have achieved the appropriate level of expertise – present us with our award or certificate.

We believe that the best way to combat the pressures of Modern Life is by getting time away, for a short while, to recharge and get back to who we are.

Now that we are skilled and equipped Stone Circle Men, we can venture out into the wild as individuals, brought together by a collective need or wish to do a body of work, explore something new, learn a skill or take time to practice our Bushcraft.

This weekend course will allow you to learn an entirely new skill which will help to make your time in the Wild a richer experience, allowing you to go into the wild with a simple purpose of pursuing and practicing this new skill, or taking time out of Modern Life to practice this skill at-home, if so appropriate.  It will also provide a complete distraction from whatever is troubling us in Modern Life: immersing ourselves in the learning of a new skill is an excellent way to put the Modern World to one-side for a short while, to allow us to properly recharge.

We will return to our Modern Lives, recharged and rested, having spent time learning a new skill, working in community, talking as men, and rewarded by having done something positive for a good cause.

This weekend is for Men over 25 who feel the need to ‘put something back’ for a weekend and do a self-less act in support of an environmental project in the UK.

This weekend is specifically for Stone Circle Men, who have completed both ‘Intro’ weekends (Escape and Explore) and have completed the relevant ‘Seasons’ weekend (or are proficient and prepared) relevant to the season in which this adventure weekend is taking place.

The specific location of an event will depend entirely on the subject being taught and its suitability to the skill being learned.  Full details of the location are included on the event booking page, which can be accessed by clicking on the ‘event name’ on the table on the left. On that page you will get more information on the specific skill being offered and the location of the weekend.

The ‘Adventure’ weekends are all regarded as being ‘self-sufficient’ weekends, with the exception of food and water.

Every Man is expected to turn up at the site with everything they need to be comfortable and an effective working member of the team, for the duration of the weekend.  This includes all clothing and kit suitable for the location and expected weather conditions.

Stone Circle will provide all the food and sustenance needed for the weekend, and the expert will provide all the equipment, tools and materials you will need.